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Industrial Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis Advisor

▪ Advising non-profit and commercial industrial hemp farms.
▪. Advising CBD Hemp Oil Production Facilities.
▪ Director of the American Albanian Hemp Company

SEO Consultant

▪ Practical help and advice for all levels of online marketing strategy.
▪ Comprehensive, straightforward approach to e-business.
▪ Evolving and refining SEO in multiple fields since 2001.
▪ Provides training seminars alongside professional consultancy services.

Art Gallerist

▪ Pioneering approach to enabling art-funded exhibitions for artists.
▪ Representation of new and established artists both on and offline.
▪ Varied background in art collection, curation and events.
▪ Director of Amsterdam's ArTicks Gallery.

Lyme Disease Awareness Advocate

▪ Uniquely placed to raise awareness of the scale and effects of Lyme disease.
▪ Focus on accessibility of information, fundraising, and promotion of new research.
▪ Experienced in the various treatments of Lyme disease on an international level.
▪ Personal and deeply vested interest following eventual diagnosis in 2007.

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